Feasibility Study

The Kentucky School of Art completed the first phase of a feasibility study at the end of 2009, conducted by a national arts management consulting firm, AMS Planning & Research. Interviews with civic and community leaders, a situation and market analysis of trends in national art school enrollment, and a series of case studies of potential model art schools has resulted in a positive assessment of the school’s viability in Louisville.

With close to 100,000 students enrolled in BFA programs nationally, and 20,000 BFA degrees granted annually, the market for upper level education in fine art and design is vibrant and growing. Art schools are embracing the fundamental elements of visual arts instruction while incorporating new technologies and media, from computer design to digital photography. And, in an age where business leaders cite “creativity” as among the most desirable skills for new employees, art schools are increasingly focusing on counseling and career services for their graduates.

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