Under the affiliation agreement, the University will offer Spalding students the option of earning a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities with a concentration in Art. As part of Spalding University, students will have the opportunity to take studio art courses and general education courses (including Communication, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Religious Studies and Social Sciences). The curriculum offered by Spalding will emphasize a strong understanding and critical awareness of art history, exposure to contemporary art practices, and engagement in community and public art programs through the courses taught by Spalding faculty, including KSA employees serving as part-time faculty. In addition, students will be offered courses in career development, connections to local internship opportunities, summer study programs and interaction with professional artists.

These courses are designed for students who want to prepare for professional careers in the visual arts. Students are immersed in studio practice while gaining a firm grounding in the liberal arts through general education courses offered at Spalding University.

The Art faculty aim to teach students how to develop and nurture a personal artistic vision, how to thoughtfully critique their work and the work of other artists, how to thoroughly research the concepts that inspire them, how to build a supportive network of artistic peers and mentors, and how to make an economically viable place for themselves in the art world after graduation.

Students are guided through this process by faculty who bring the same level of dedication to their students that they bring to their own work. The activity of faculty members and visiting artists outside the classroom studio keeps the student’s study of art contemporary, links students to the external art community, and gives them a view of what a professional artist’s life is like.

A possible program of study for a student in that major would include the following:

Freshman Year

The primary objective of the Freshman year is to develop and expand students’ visual
thinking through Foundation courses. No matter their background, students will be
required to complete a core curriculum that will train them in the necessary basic skills
including Drawing I,  Color and Design, Intro to 3D and 4D. The
Freshman year culminates with a Freshman show.

Sophomore Year

During the Sophomore year students continue their studio art and art history coursework as well as their general studies courses in Writing, Communications, Humanities, Math and more. Courses can include such interesting classes as Chinese Film, and Religion and Art.

Junior and Senior Years

During the Junior and Senior years students will have the opportunity to focus on a chosen medium. Coursework includes Junior and Senior level independent study and a variety of studio electives, allowing the student to be exposed to a variety of media, involving themselves in a substantial amount of studio work outside their area of focus.

KSA studios and classrooms are conveniently located in the heart of Spalding’s campus. Students are enrolled in Spalding University for all courses. In addition, Spalding can accept both studio art and general education transferable credits. Spalding recognizes the following accrediting agencies: MSA/CHE, NWCCU, NCA, NEASC-CIHE, NEASC-CTCI, NY: State Board of Regents, SACS, WASC-ACCJC and WASC-SR. Each student transcript submitted for transfer of credit will be reviewed independently by the University Registrar.

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